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Slab Leak Services Southlake Texas

Slab Leak repair in Southlake Texas

Slab Leak Detection and Repair Services in Southlake Texas

Slab leaks can go on for a very long time before you even know you have one. Smaller pinhole leaks in water lines, or broken sewer lines don’t always give immediate signs, and can cost thousands of dollars in damages before they appear. Proper testing by a slab leak professional can help you ensure your home is not being damaged by a slab leak under your foundation in Southlake.

How to tell if you have a Slab Leak in Southlake

There are a few preliminary tests to see if you may have a slab leak. While they are not all conclusive, they can tell you if you should investigate further.

  • Turn off all faucets in your home, make sure the toilets are not running, and the hose bibs outside are shut off. Go to your water meter, and see if it is spinning. If so, there is water running inside your house somewhere, and if it’s not apparent where, it could be a leak under your foundation.
  • Take off your shoes and walk around your house, seeing if you feel any hotspots on the floor. This will only tell you if it’s a hot water slab leak, but can help identify a problem. These spots are easy to identify under tile, wood floors, not as easy with carpet. Our detection equipment is more sophisticated and can find leaks much easier and faster.
  • Check around your walls and foundation for cracks, this can be caused by your home settling, which can produce slab leaks.
  • Turn off all radios, televisions, etc. and just listen. If you hear water running, and nothing is turned on, water is running somewhere.

Again, these are not conclusive tests, but can tell you if you should call a plumbing professional from Schrader Plumbing to do more extensive testing, and give you an assessment of your water and sewer system in Southlake.

What Can I Expect when I call Schrader Plumbing

You can expect licensed, friendly plumbers. The first thing we do is listen to what you have to say about what you have been experiencing. This is a key step in our evaluation of your plumbing system. We then begin with your investigation and testing. After this, we can give you an upfront price and any options that are available to remedy the problems. We offer the least invasive options possible. If we can re-route a line, many times we can avoid jackhammering and destroying floors and cabinets.

We have performed hundreds of slab leak repairs in the DFW metroplex, and are ready to serve you, and make the process as painless as possible.

Call the Slab Leak Professionals at Schrader Plumbing today. Our 5 star reviews across the web will tell you what our other customers think! 817-262-0989
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John, Damian & the rest of his team are great. I know I can count on them each being honest & doing the best job possible. Each are very knowledgeable with a variety of problems. They have done work for us on several occasions. I always call John first. Thank you Schrader Plumbing.

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Date published: 07/04/2017
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