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Water Heater Repair McKinney Texas

Water Heater Services in McKinneyTexas

Water Heater Services in McKinney Texas

Schrader Plumbing is a top rated plumbing company serving McKinney Texas. Our customers continue to use our water heater repair services, because we treat them like family. Our team responds quick, we listen to what you have to say, assess the water heater problem, and give options for proper repair. Our plumbers are some of the best in DFW, and are proud to do the job right, the first time.

Can my water heater be repaired?

This is a common question from customers calling with water heater problems in McKinney. Truth be told, we generally need to look at the hot water heater, to evaluate the situation, and if a repair can be done, or if a replacement will be needed. Call us today, and talk to our master plumber, we are happy to listen, and give you as much information as possible over the phone. 817-262-0989

Is a faulty water heater dangerous?

Water heaters are basically a tank holding very hot water, under a good deal of pressure. Any kind of malfunction, whether in the body of the tank, or in the components, can be very serious. Water heaters have T&P valves these days, which are designed to allow over pressured or heated water to escape to outside the home, but nonetheless, these can malfunction, and flooding can happen. The best option if you think your water heater has problems, is to let a licensed professional take a look.

Is a new water heater installation expensive?

A lot goes into a new water heater installation. On top of the cost of the water heater itself, our plumbers must ensure the new water heater and surrounding area is safe, and up to code. We take the lives and safety of our customers very seriously, and when we are done with a job, want to know that we have not left them in danger, or their home at risk. That being said, we do our best to be affordable, and competitive in our pricing, when compared with other plumbing companies in McKinney that hold the same standards we do. Call for a water heater estimate 817-262-0989

Is my water heater covered under warranty?

Your water heater may be covered under manufacturers warranty, depending on the model, and age of the water heater. Call us for more information.

What types of water heaters do you work on, and install?

We work on most water heater types, and install only the top brands, for our customers peace of mind. Water heater types include:

  • Gas Water Heaters We work on and install Gas Water Heaters in McKinney.
  • Electric Water Heaters We work on and install Electric Water Heaters in McKinney.
  • Tankless Water Heaters We work on and install Tankless Water Heaters in McKinney.
If you have questions about your water heater in McKinney Texas, call the plumbers at Schrader Plumbing today, talk to our Master Plumber, and let us show you our quality service. 817-262-0989