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Low Pressure in Faucets


If you are having a low flow problem in one or more of your faucets, the best thing to do before calling a plumber is to unscrew the aerators “screen” at the opening of the spout, and clean out the debris. If there is white debris in the screen dump it out in a clear glass of water. If the white debris sinks to the bottom that is good it is just build up. Then just screw it back on and you should have much better pressure.

If your pressure is still bad you may want to call us here at Schrader Plumbing. If the white debris floats then you definitely need to call Schrader Plumbing ASAP. This means you have a water heater that has a part inside called the dip tube that is breaking down which can very easily mess up multiple faucets including roman tub valves or shower valves which in turn can cost quite a bit of money trying to flush the system or I some very bad cases have to replace valve(s), and also then replace your water heater. If you do not feel confident in taking apart the faucet aerators then please feel free to contact one of our educated licensed plumbing professionals at 817-262-0989 or to help you take care of your situation.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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