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How To Unclog a Toilet

So, you’re having a get together with some friends, maybe watching a movie, having dinner and drinks, someone goes into the bathroom, and suddenly comes out saying the toilet is overflowing. This is a common occurance, and always seems to happen at the worst times. Luckily, there are a couple of things that may help this situation without having to enlist the services of an emergency plumber.

  1. Try a plunger This obvious method can help many times. If you do not have a plunger, you can get one at Home Depot, or Lowe’s. You get what you pay for, so go for a better model, you won’t regret it. If the water is overflowing, shut off the valve at the wall. If it is sitting at rim level, or close, you may want to put on some latex gloves, and remove some water, either by a pan, or wet vac. Put the plunger into the toilet, and fit it into the hole in the bottom snug, so as to make a somewhat tight seal between the plunger and the toilet. When you feel it is a tight fit, give a good forceful push straight down, and see if the water goes down. You can repeat this step a few times, but eventually, if it does not go down, your problem could be further down the line, and require a sewer snake, something a sewer and drain professional can help with.
  2. How about a Toilet Auger? Not every household will have a toilet auger, but if the plunger did not get the line free, and you still want to tackle this yourself, the auger is your next best bet. Again, these can be purchase at your local home repair store, and again, don’t skimp on price, you need a better one. You will want to get the auger down into the hold, and get the rubber part of the tool against the porcelain. Once you have it in, you start turning the handle and pushing to get the cable down the toilet line. If the blockage is inside the commode itself, this should clear it. It may take a few times, but eventually, augers will retrieve toys, feminine products, paper, and more. If you cannot get it with an auger, your sewer line may have bigger issues and be blocked further down. Our drain inspection services will help determine the problem, with sewer cameras.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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