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Frozen water lines, and how to avoid them.

Frozen pipes are no joke, and they usually happen in the middle of the night, so you wake up with no water, or worse, burst water lines. Prevention is key when it comes to frozen water pipes, and here are some tips to help you steer clear of an early morning disaster this winter.

  1. Slow Drip If you know there are going to be freezing temperatures, go to one faucet, and turn it on enough to have a drip, to keep the water moving in the pipes overnight.
  2. Warm Environment As much as possible, warm the area where any lines may be exposed.
  3. Insulate the lines While this is a little more work, insulation on your exposed water lines can help prevent freezing of your water lines.
  4. Recirculating pump Generally requiring a plumber, a recirculating pump can keep the water circulating when the temperature drops.
  5. Insulate the area Good insulation and protection of the area where water lines are exposed can also help the water lines stay above freezing temperatures.
With a little bit of work, you can prevent frozen water lines from ruining an early morning this winter. Schrader Plumbing offers a winterization service if you would like a licensed plumber to come out and make sure your lines are fully protected, just call 817-262-0989 and see why we have 5 star reviews across the web.

Happy Holidays from the team at Schrader Plumbing!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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