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Slab Leak services in Flower Mound Texas

Slab leaks can end up costing thousands of dollars in home damages if not found and repaired. The Slab Leak Specialists at Schrader Plumbing have years of experience detecting, locating, and repairing slab leaks in and around Flower Mound Texas. 817-262-0989

About Our Slab Leak Services

We are specialists in Slab Leaks, and have the equipment to detect, locate, and repair leaks under your slab foundation. While many times you can hear the leak in a specific location, or feel a hot spot, it could be deceiving. When it comes to accessing the leak, through your slab, you don’t want to mis-locate the leak. We have trained specialists that can locate the leak, with high tech equipment, and our experience, and many times we can re-route your pipes to keep from having to damage your flooring and walls.

  • How much does a slab leak repair cost? There are too many variables to determine the exact cost of a slab leak repair in Flower Mound, but upon arrival, our plumber will locate the leak or leaks, and tell you options for repair, and upfront estimated cost.
  • What causes a slab leak? Slab leaks can be caused by many different things, including shifting soil, which is common in Texas, improper installation or protection of water or sewer pipe under the slab, allowing pipes to become damaged, or many other situations.
  • How long does a slab leak repair take? This depends on the kind of slab leak you have, the location of the slab leak and the severity. A sewer line slab leak can take longer, as the pipe itself could be bad, requiring replacement of much or all of it, or it could just be a small section. Water line slab leaks can be fairly simple, and spot repaired many times, unless the pipe itself is bad and has to be replaced. Our plumber will give you an estimated timeline upon inspection.
  • Does my insurance cover slab leaks? This varies based on insurance companies, and the situation. We are happy to help you talk to your insurance company, and find out what benefits are available under your plan.
  • Will my house be dirty when you complete the work? Our plumbers strive to keep workplaces as clean as possible, we clean behind ourselves, and use protection to safeguard your home while we work.

If you think you hear water running constantly in your home, or feel hot spots on your floors, it’s possible you have a leak under your slab foundation. You can check your water meter with all water shut off in your home, and if it continues to run, it’s time to call us, and let us locate the leak.

The water and sewer pipes underneath concrete slabs in Flower Mound are vulnerable to the soil around them. If the ground moves too much, your water and sewer lines can develop leaks. A slow leak beneath your home can cause the soil to continue to move, which can cause a worse leak. The potential for increasing damage makes early leak detection very important. Even a small leak can produce catastrophic results. A tiny leak undetected, can leak thousands of gallons per year, costing you a ton of money, and home damage.

In severe cases, the slab and flooring can give way and flood the entire ground floor, destroying floor coverings, cabinets, furniture and appliances. When that happens, foundation repair is only one of many serious problems. Leaks under the slab can remove the soil and cause the slab to cave in. When the slab fails, the weight of the concrete breaks the plumbing lines beneath, causing a rush of water into the home.

Do not gamble with the well being of your home in Flower Mound, if you notice:

  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Hear water running when all faucets are off
  • See the meter spinning when all faucets are off
  • High water bills
  • Water coming out from the sides of your slab
  • Cracks in foundation, or walls


If you think you have a slab leak in Flower Mound, call Schrader Plumbing right away. We will diagnose, and if necessary locate and repair your slab leak. 817-262-0989

If you have need of a quality affordable plumber specializing in in Flower Mound Texas, call the professionals at Schrader Plumbing today. 817-262-0989

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