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Water Line Services Denton Texas

water line services in Denton Texas

Denton Texas Water Line Installation Services

Schrader Plumbing installs water lines in homes and businesses in the Denton area. Whether you have a leaking water line, or need a new water line ran to a kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, we are your one stop shop.

What Would A Water Line Be Needed For?

Water lines are used in homes and businesses for kitchens, bathrooms, fountains, swimming pools, and more. Many times homeowners experience leaks on old copper water lines, and need a repair done to stop the leak. Schrtader Plumbing can help.

What Do You Use For The New Water Lines?

We generally use Uponor and Propress Copper for new water lines, as it is powerful, and more flexible than the old materials that used to be used. All water lines that are installed, are done so by city and state code, insulated where needed, and buried to the proper depths where applicable.