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Slab Leak Services Denton Texas

Slab Leak services in Denton Texas

Slab Leak Services in Denton Texas

Slab leaks are a major problem in Texas, and can cost thousands of dollars to homes and furnishings before a homeowner realizes they have one. Shifting of dirt under the foundation of a home, causes the foundation the crack, move the plumbing and eventually compromise the plumbing, allowing water or sewage to run freely under the home, which in turn, causes more damages and shifting.

If you think your home may have a slab leak, there are a few signs to look for

  • Cracks in your foundation or walls
    Cracks in your foundation or walls can be a sign of a slab leak. Water or sewage running under the foundation causes the soil to shift, and makes the house settle more, causing walls and foundation to be compromised.
  • Hot spots on your floor
    If you feel hot spots on your floor, this is generally from a hot water slab leak. Our specialists can determine if this is the case for sure.
  • Water coming out from the foundation
    Water flowing out from the foundation of your home is a sure tell that there is a leak, and possibly a leak under the foundation.
  • High water bills
    High water bills can come from various sources, but a slab leak will increase your water bill, based on how bad the water leak is. Check your water meter with all water sources turned off, and if it is still spinning, you have a leak somewhere.
  • Sewage smell in house
    Sewer slab leaks are very hard to detect, the smell of raw sewage is a sure sign of one. Our slab leak specialists can perform a “static test”, on your drain system to see if it has leaks.

Slab leaks are no joke, if you think you have one, you should call a Denton Slab Leak Specialist, like Schrader Plumbing today.