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Sewer and Drain Services Denton Texas

Denton Texas sewer and drain services

If you need a sewer and drain expert, call Schrader Plumbing today. Our licensed plumbers carry quality equipment, and are some of the best at quickly and efficiently tackling clogged drains. Once we have unstopped your clogged drain, we can inspect it with our sewer cameras, to see what the root issue is.

We take great care to maintain cleanliness, and to leave an area as clean as we found it, or cleaner.

Drain emergencies rarely come at a time that is convenient. More likely, they happen when you have company over, on holidays, special occasions, or when someone flushes the toilet in the middle of the night. This is why it’s important to make sure your sewer and drain system is in a healthy state.

Types of Sewer and Drain Stoppages

There are a few types of stoppages, including

  • Main Sewer Line Stoppage
    A main sewer line stoppage, can show itself in many ways. Being that every drain line in the home ends up in the main line, it can be confusing where the problem is. Toilets may back up, showers may flood over, etc. Our experienced sewer technicians can find the source and get it taken care of in a jiffy!
  • Sink Stoppage
    Kitchen sinks or bathroom sinks can get stopped up due to hair and soap products over time. This will generally be the only area that stops up, and is easier to determine.
  • Shower Stoppage
    Show blockages can also get stopped up from hair and soap products over time. This will generally be the only place showing blockage, and can be unblocked via the drain. We do not advise using harsh chemicals to try and unstop these, they can cause damage to your home, and make the job more difficult for a plumber.
  • Washing Machine Lines
    Washing machine lines are a common blockage area, as soaps, and particles from laundry get into the small line and cause the problem. You can hear the water backing up into the line for a while before the actual full blown blockage happens usually.

What Should I Do If I Have A Blockage?

First and foremost, stop using the area that is stopped up. Continued use of the system can cause sewer and drain items to overflow onto your floors, and furniture. It’s best to call a Denton Sewer and Drain Specialist, like Schrader Plumbing, to come out and take are of the problem. We are fast and affordable, and our online reviews will show you what our customers think of our service.

If you have a sewer and drain problem, call Schrader Plumbing today! 817-262-0989