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Leak Detection Services Colleyville Texas

leak detection services in Colleyville Texas

One of the most costly plumbing emergencies in Colleyville is a slab leak. The term slab leak comes from having a plumbing leak underneath your slab foundation. Sometimes this can be an obvious problem, and other times, can go on for years before exposing itself. Some of the signs of a slab leak include:

  • Cracks in your floor covering, walls, or slab.
  • Water coming out from under your walls inside or outside your home.
  • Hot spots on your floor.
  • Water meter running even when no water is turned on.
  • You can hear water running even if all water is turned off.

If you live in the Colleyville Texas area, notice one of these signs, or think you may have a slab leak, you should call a water leak detector at Schrader Plumbing right away, for an Colleyville leak detection service. Our experienced technicians have the equipment and know how to test for a leak, and locate it under your slab. At that point, they can give you an estimate of what it will cost to repair the problem.

Don’t let an Colleyville slab leak wreck your home, water running underneath your home, can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, to your foundation, cabinets, flooring, and everything else in your home. The sooner you get it located and repaired, the less damage will be caused.

Colleyville Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are a potential life and death situation, and should be taken very seriously. If you smell gas in or around your home, you should immediately get out of the house and call 911. Your next call should be to a gas leak detection service in Colleyville like Schrader Plumbing. We will send out a friendly technician to test for gas leaks, and if necessary, pull a city permit, perform the gas leak detection, and repair the problem.

Don’t take a chance with dangerous gas leaks, call Schrader Plumbing today for your Colleyville Gas Leak Detection.

Colleyville Water Leak Detection

Water leaks, whether in your yard, or in your home, can cause a lot of damage quickly. The first thing you should do if you notice you have a water leak, is shut off the main water supply, which is usually found in the front yard in a meter box. If you are not able to shut it off yourself, call the City of Colleyville, and request an emergency water shut off service. Then call Schrader Plumbing, and one of our water leak detectors will get out right away to perform an Colleyville water leak detection service get your water service repaired and turned back on.

Colleyville Sewer Leak Detection

Sewer lines can leak for years before being noticed. Since there is generally a smaller amount of leakage, however, those leaks can still cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, and raw sewage is spilling out under your home.

Don’t lose thousands of dollars worth of property damage to a leak, call and schedule a leak detection today. 817-262-0989 /div>