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While Schrader Plumbing handles most types of plumbing situations, whether emergency, or planned, most people search for a " plumber near me".

Colleyville Texas plumbing services

Schrader Plumbing serves Colleyville Texas residents with plumbing services such as:

We are a full service plumbing company, check reviews across the internet, and you will see our customers are 100% happy with our services and plumbers.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • licensed plumbers, some master plumbers
  • clean plumbers, we take great care to maintain and clean the work areas.
  • honest, friendly plumbers. We listen to you, and give you options on your repair.
  • upfront pricing. We assess the situation, then give you an upfront cost on the repair.
  • honesty and transparency. Our company thrives on honesty, and transparency.
  • proven plumbers. Check our reviews across the internet, our customers speak for us.

What you don’t see may be costing you

We’re all familiar with the common plumbing problems of faucets and shower bodies, leaking pipes beneath the kitchen sink, running toilets, but attached to these common household fixtures are piping systems for hot and cold water distribution, waste and storm drainage, gas distribution, and of course ventilation which is required for drainage to flow properly.

Schrader Plumbing specializes in the repair and maintenance of all these hidden systems. After 20 years of working in homes and businesses in Colleyville, troubleshooting skills are 2nd nature to us. Tracking down complex problems and knowing when, where, and how to open a wall, or locate under a slab is our specialty.

Common plumbing system problems we solve in Colleyville:

  • Plumbing System Leaks

    Leaks can occur at any point in a plumbing system and can be difficult to troubleshoot, because the place where the problems present themselves can be far away from the actual source of the problem. Knowing when and where to access through a wall or slab with minimal damage and expense take experience and knowledge that we have attained over the years.

  • Lack of Water Pressure or Hot Water

    Many Colleyville residents have dealt with a hot water or lack of water pressure problem. There are several things that can lead to these problems, and having a plumber who knows how to diagnose them is key. Lack of hot water can be a result of rusty or corroded lines, a water heater thermostat beginning to fail, electrical elements going out, or even a disintegrating dip tube. These and other issues can be added to the list of problems causing lack of water pressure, including slab leaks, broken lines, and more.
    Whatever the issue, our plumbing technicians have the tools and knowledge to track down the problem, and give you an assessment of damages, costs, and time to fix the problem.

  • Gas System Leaks

    Gas leaks can be dangerous, and should only be handled by a licensed insured plumbing company, that has experience locating and repairing them. State law requires a city permit be pulled before the work is done, and an inspection done by the city is completed and passed before the gas is turned back on. Our Colleyville plumbers are trained to locate the leak(s), and repair them to code, so when the gas is turned back on, you don’t have to worry about safety issues. Our plumbing specialists knowledge of state code will help the final inspection go smoothly and as pain free as possible. Click for more information on the City of Colleyville inspections.

  • Sewer and Drain Stoppages

    Sewer and drain stoppages are never convenient, you generally just want to get it unstopped as quick as possible. Our licensed plumbers have the tools and experience to quickly find a clog, and get it unstopped. We also carry sewer video equipment, so if necessary, we can do an inspection of the inside of your sewer and see if it needs repair, and just unstopped.

  • Fixture Repair and Installation

    Schrader Plumbing installs most brands of plumbing fixtures, from toilets, faucets, garbage disposal units, to specialty shower valves, flush valves and more.

We know there are many emergency plumbers to choose from, and we work hard to give our customers the best service at a reasonable price. Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google, and you will see 5 stars across the board. Much of our business is from repeat customers and referral.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Colleyville

We specialize in plumbing and sewer services in Colleyville Texas, such as:

Whether you need an emergency plumber in Colleyville, or are just interested in planning a future plumbing installation, call the experts today at 817-262-0989, and let us wow you!

Colleyville is a city and wealthy suburb of Fort Worth located in northeast Tarrant County, Texas, United States. Located roughly 12 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the population was 22,807 at the 2010 census.

If you have need of a quality affordable plumber specializing in in Colleyville Texas, call the professionals at Schrader Plumbing today. 817-262-0989

Testimonials for the City of Colleyville

The price was very reasonable.

Sometimes things happen at the wrong time. Woke up to prepare breakfast, rinse a few dishes off and the kitchen sink drain was clogged. Attempted to clear the drain with one of my tools, no joy . Through my Yelp app found Schrader Plumbing, gave them a call. They told me they could come out the next day. Fortunately they had a Technician in the area on a small call & asked if could he could stop by a little later the same day, I agreed. The technician was courteous & professional, went right to work. The entire job lasted about 45 minutes. The price was very reasonable. This review is gratuitous.

Service: Sewer and Drain
Date published: 01/01/2017
5 / 5 stars
Excellent customer service!

I emailed on Sunday (Father's Day) and had return email within 2 hours and service the next morning. John and his team are very responsive.

Service: Water Heater Repair
Date published: 19/06/2017
5 / 5 stars
I can always trust that the job will be done right

I've had John replace a water heater, and fix issues a siding company messed up. Every time I've dealt with him, he has been more than professional. I can always trust that the job will be done right with his company.

Service: Water Line Repair
Date published: 19/05/2017
5 / 5 stars
They made the service call pleasant and easy.

What we appreciated the most about the service was how soft-spoken and professional Schader Plumbing is. They get right to the work. They diagnose the issues, competently fix what needs fixing and keep you informed throughout the process. They made the service call pleasant and easy. We intend to have them back for all of our plumbing needs. You would think that we would concentrate on how good their skills were (no problem there), but it was their attitude and approach to business that truly won us over.
Description of work:
We called them to reset a toilet, fix the seal and bolts, and to repair a bathtub handle and drain.

Service: Plumbing Repairs
Date published: 27/09/2016
5 / 5 stars
Happy with services

Happy with services

Service: Plumbing Services
Date published: 22/10/2015
5 / 5 stars